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The principal Services offered by RSL are:

Topographical Surveys


Building Surveys



  • Large & Small-Scale mapping for Development, Construction & Infrastructure
  • 2D & 3D Data Capture.
  • Floor Plans & Elevations
  • Cross Sections & 3D Plans
  • Marking out for Roads, Buildings, and Land Boundaries




Legal Surveys and Mapping


Utility Surveys

  • Monitoring of Sites or Structures over time to determine rate of change or deformation.
  • Establishment of definitive mapping and legal boundaries for land.
  • Land Registry
  • Measurement of Roads, Buildings & Other constructions for legal assessment.


  • Mapping of Utilities & other underground services

Transportation Surveying 

Traffic Counting


Pedestrian Counting


Questionnaire Surveys

  • Manual and Automated Traffic Counting Facilities
  • Direction Flow, Traffic Type and Transit Time Analysis
  • Occupancy Counts
  • Time Counts of Pedestrian Flows on Streets
  • Manual Counts or Timed Video / Photography counts
  • Direction and Surge analysis
  • Detailed Bespoke Questionnaire Surveys to establish reliable data sets on Pedestrian and Motorist behavious on defined routes.
  • Full Data Analysis of Survey Data


Standard Service Offered to All Clients

  • Map production to specified scale(from 1:50 upwards)
  • Real time data capture via GPS
  • Digital Ground Modelling
  • 3D Data Capture if required
  • Outputs in AutoCAD, Microstation, MXRoadsand many others formats
  • Printing up to A0where required


Additional Services Offered where appropriate

DVD Film of the Survey Site

An Additional Service we offer is to supply a DVD film of the site being surveyed.Used in combination wit the survey data, this can often prove to be an invaluable tool when trying to envisage the site as part of the planning process.

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